kapy graf

 Cabby Graf / Super Cabe Graf

Acrylic colored mortar for exterior finishes
The exterior of the concrete is made of concrete, concrete, concrete, conch, wood and iron (after rust treatment).
The Super Cabe Graf features Cabe Graf with increased strength of bonding and resistance to natural factors.
Technical Specifications :
Color: Available after colors
Thickness of the layer: 1 - 3 mm
Application: soft / medium rough / coarse with decorative scratches (gravato).
Diluted / solvent: water (dilutes by no more than 5%)
Operating time: 40 minutes at 25 ° C (low operating temperature).
Indicative consumption rate: from 3 to 4.5 kg / m 2
Drying time (25 ° C) and moisture content 50%
    • Initial dryness of 30 minutes
    • Second face 2-3 hours
    • 24 hour dryness

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