Tiba star

 the description :

A good quality gypsum paste that is made of high quality raw materials and selected with fixed and balanced measurements. After adding the specified percentage of clean water, the paste is easy to use and has the ability to process all the cement, gypsum and pre-painted surfaces.
It is characterized by high adhesion of all structural surfaces, high standard adhesion rates, high cover ability, first layer thickness and application thickness of up to 2 mm for surface defects. .
Technical Specifications
the color is white
Application thickness: from 0.2 mm: 2 mm
Operating time: 30 minutes at 25 ° C (low operating temperature).
Drying time: initial dryness (2 hours) final dryness (24 hours) at 25 ° C and moisture content 50%
Quantity of water: 5-6 liters of water per package 12.5 kg

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