Tiba Tile 703

Tiba tile 703
Glue to paste the high quality ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble on the basis of a polymer cement processor multiplier flat surfaces, the German factory to match the quality specifications and DN5156 ASNI118-1 and ASTMC-9421 and C-9310 and EN12004C1 & C2 standards.
703 taels good ideal to paste the tiles with relatively large size of what
Characterized by high adhesion strength of 702 taels outweigh the good and the good image taels No
. 13 and 14
701 as it features the ability to withstand high humidity, so it is perfect
In the paste on the walls exposed to wet such as kitchens and bathrooms are in private buildings and public places flooded with water such as swimming pools. Also it is suitable for pasting marble and porcelain and Almoizik on all concrete surfaces (concrete, Oyster, cement bricks) and some other surfaces such as block gypsum processor Thebes Bond 900, the old tiles and ceramics.

Surface preparation and the operating instructions and rates of consumption: the same content Almjod Thebes 701 taels


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