Tiba coat 601

 High quality concrete cement mortar for facade cladding with a soft sandy appearance

Taiba Kut Cement colored concrete treated with polymers, with water added only to the site for cladding concrete facades.
Method of implementation:
After a good mixing according to the quantity of water specified in the technical bulletin, a layer of surface leveling using the barwa is applied with an area of ​​2-3 m2. Then with a second layer thickness of 1 - 2 mm and then roughness using the sponge (spin) circularly and then combing in a longitudinal or accidental to obtain a decorative form regular.
Technical Specifications:
Color : Available after colors
Thickness of the layer : 1 - 2 mm
Mixing water: 6.5 ± 25% per 25 kg of powder
Operating time: 30 minutes at 25 ° C (Operating time is inversely proportional to temperature
Indicative consumption rate: from 2.25 to 2.5 kg / m for soft surface (manual operation) from 3.5 to 5 kg / m2 for coarse surface (operating state with spraying machines)

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