Tiba boti 801

 the description :

Goodbye Potty 801 White / Gray
Materials for settling and softening the surfaces and preparing them for paint
High quality cement paste reinforced with double polymers specially made to resist moisture comes out in the form of dry powder with the addition of clean water just before use. Used on internal and external cement surfaces to give a smooth surface before paint suitable for most types of paints.
Tiba Poti 801 Factory according to German specifications DIN8550. It can be applied with the usual paste knife and can be applied with a thickness of up to 4 mm in the case of surface defects or decoration such as rustic.
Technical Specifications
Color: White / Gray
Application thickness: from 0.2 mm: 4 mm
Operating time: 30 minutes at 25 ° C (low operating temperature).
Consumption Rate: 0.5-0.75 kg / m² 2 Number of skins This varies depending on the surface and the implementation