Tiba sealer 500

 Good Seeler 500 (White / Transparent)

 the description :
TEA SELLER High quality thickener to strengthen and close the pores of cement and gypsum surfaces before painting. Hologopolymer / acetylene acrylic is manufactured according to German specifications.
Technical Information:
Color: White / Transparent
Density: 1.4 kg / liter
Drying time: initial dryness (45 minutes) Final dryness (2 hours)
Drying time at 25 ° C and humidity 60%
Package: gallon 3 kg / seedling 10 kg / barrel 125 kg
Consumption rate: 8 m 2 / kg (depending on surface porosity, degree of dilution and temperature)
Mitigation rate: For transparencies, it is recommended to use it without dilution and white with a maximum of 50% of the weight of the package with clean, cold water