Tiba Tile 701

TibaTile 701
Glue to paste the high quality ceramic and porcelain is the basis of cement
Factory to match the quality standards German DN15156. Image No. 11 or 12
Available in packages weighing 20.25 kg in two colors (white / gray).
Surface preparation
It requires that the application surface is completely dry (up to two weeks after implementation) to ensure internal drought and exit likely presence of salts.
The surface is sprayed with water to remove any dust stuck and increase the operating time, especially in hot weather.
Take into account that perfectly level surface to ensure the tiles flush.
It must be free from dust, oil, grease, gypsum residues .okma surface for the tile you want to paste.

operating instructions
Package content must mixing well with clean water and in a suitable vessel and taken into account to ensure good flipping mixing and interaction of the special chemical additives Almujuh product. Preferably use Aldrl (Aelchenaor manual).
Small quantities can be mixed Palmsatrin or any other device with continuous stirring.
Not added 5.25 liter cold clean water into a deep pot is suitable for the size of the package. Then add the package content gradually with continuous stirring for 10 minutes.
Yebda good application taels 701 immediately after the completion of the flipping and fully homogeneity article Pferdha on the surface by a special paste of ceramic material where the uniqueness in the form of lines rise almost 5 mm tool. In all cases, the individual must not be more than one meter square to ensure that no dry material during operation.
The installation of the ceramic material with air pressure for subsidiarity and flush ceramic surface.
In the case of the difficulty of individual material is not added, but the water is turning the material and direct use.
After the completion of the installation is removed by a sponge Mendah residue with water.
Spacers are then stuffing article allocated to them.
Important Notes
You should not be applied over 701 taels good dynamic cracks only after addressing those cracks.
You must use cold water mixing in the article to increase the employment rate.
Preferably use a good 701 taels White in the case of light-colored porcelain, ceramics or even gray color does not affect the ceramic color.
Preferred to use plastic spacers to adjust Arames ceramic .wala Aermus distance of less than 2 mm.


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