About Company

Egyptian Company for construction materials and decoration leading company in the manufacture of cement materials and acrylic precedent confused and are marketed  registered trademark in the name of (Tiba Mix) since the start of the company's activity in 2011. Despite the novelty of the company and its existence modest but its founders work companies Construction Chemicals Egyptian and international and construction for nearly twenty years and our knowledge needs of building and construction chemicals market in Egypt experience made us come up with our expertise in that entity with the development of our customers requirements and Tohathm mind determined to offer them services and high-quality products. Since most of the company's products conform to the specifications of German DIN18550. We also have the flexibility and the ability to meet the needs of our customers of special products and specifications within the scope of activity of the company without prejudice to the global and Egyptian standards where that our products are subject to the tests materials accepted both our knowledge or knowledge of our valued customers own laboratories or government laboratories - as the center of the National Research - the largest castle as a research in Egypt