Stucco plaster
Stucco plaster is the mortar Dharh (stucco) Templates are used in the settlement of the bishop and the work
Tiba star
Good Star paste super softness consisting of high-quality raw materials Gypsum picked and steady and balanced Bmqaass
Tiba putty
Cement paste supports high quality polymer multiplier specially manufactured to resist moisture comes out in the form of a dry powder
Top Rendr
Cementitious material colorful facades given texture average roughness / coarse were manufactured according to the specifications of the Bmassanana to fit the medium and low-cost projects.
Tiba coat 602-602f
Colored concrete high-quality material processing polymers to withstand the harshest weather conditions.
Mortar with a concrete basis to paste the cornices and other decorative Abromuad manufacturer of polycarbonate
Tiba floor 404
Are materials for the settlement of floors and prepared according to the nature uses what is tempered as in industrial flooring is usually available in gray,
Tiba sealer 500
Tiba sealer thick liquid quality to strengthen and close the pores Cement and gypsum surfaces before painting Balhomobolim
Tiba Bond 900
Tiba Bond 900 binder for the treatment of surfaces and anti-permeability base Alastiren acrylic / PVA the multiple uses
kapy graf
kapy Graf: external cladding different colored Bmlams ready for use immediately and take advantage of robust Alaankak.imkn applied to concrete surfaces and smooth concrete and oyster, wood, iron
Kabhi Stone
Stone Kabhi external and internal paints acrylic basis in addition to the grains of sand and a selective Kurtz given
Tiba Coat
Fa├žade colored materials with concrete foundation (Tiba Cote) Cladding colored materials are applied to the facades of whiteness external and internal
Tiba Tile
Glue to paste the high quality ceramic and porcelain is the basis of cement Factory to match the quality standards German
Tiba proof
With the basis of cement buffer superior quality and a modified water Bbollymrat acrylic material (one compound) used in waterproofing work
Tiba Grout
Colored concrete material superior quality polymer modified to fill ceramic, marble and Albpurslin breaks for small intervals until 5 mm width.