Tiba water 100

 Bituminous water emulsion to isolate the moisture of roofs, bumpers and toilets directly applied to concrete (cold)

the description:
Black / dark brown water-based viscous liquid ready for use.
Insulation of foundations, roofs, toilets and pools against moisture and cold
APPLICATION: Two or more faces shall be painted with the first face dilution only with water of 10-20% and the two sides shall be applied to ensure that the surface of the surface is well isolated.
Consumption rates:
30: 50 kg / m كما as an additional material for cement mortar to increase its resistance to water permeability.
0.75: 1 kg / m² for insulating paint for concrete surfaces and two faces.
250 kg / m لعمل to make a good mortar and watermin 100 (5 kg cement + 10 kg good and watermin 100 + 60 kg sand) and add water gradually to reach the appropriate operating strength.