Tiba coat 607

Tiba cote 607 cement paint tinted water only added to the site

Ideal for external and internal cladding is applied on top of the white layer regular Cemented Picture 5
Or the walls and ceilings of concrete or gypsum panels to give a form of decorative wonderful addition to assume distinguish the different climatic conditions. It features the unique ability to resist salt and moisture and direct sunlight compared to other paints.
Implementation steps:
Placed water (8.5 liters) in a pot can accommodate a full package of good Cote 607 is then emptied the entire package and leave from 3-5dakkaiq then stir the mixture well by Darrell manual speed of 600 rpm for 3 minutes and then leave the mixture for 10-15 minutes, then re-mixing for 2 minutes to ensure full homogeneity of the mixture.
Equipped wall for paint remove any plankton or dust by spraying with clean water and shall stand can develop application-based distribution of the paint on the surface on a regular basis.
Individual is the first layer of paint with a good distribution of the material longitudinal manner and then left to dry for a period of 12-24 hours (inversely proportional to the time of drought, with the air temperature). Then, the individual second layer of paint.
In the case of coarse surfaces and filled Baltgor preferred application of the first layer of paint by spraying machine and then used Rolla or spraying machine on the second floor, to taste

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