Tiba Tile 702

 Tayba Tile Fix: mortar paste ceramic, porcelain and marble

High quality glue for ceramic, porcelain and mica cement based on cement basis to conform to DN15156.
Add some water according to the instructions on the packaging and prefer mechanical mixing using a suitable mixing machine until we obtain a homogeneous mixture and suitable for application.
The layer is applied to a layer of thin layer by using the level side of the perforated paraffin. A second layer is reused using the denture side to make longitudinal or transverse lines with a height of 3-5 mm to allow the tiles to be aligned with each other, leaving a minimum distance between the tiles 3 mm in the case of the desire to fill these joints with grout material.
Tyba Tyx Fix
TEPA TAIL 702 is a high-quality cement cement with double polymeric polymerization for ceramic, mosaic and porcelain adhesives on flat cement surfaces. The factory conforms to DN15156 German standard and ASNI 118.1. EN 12004 comes out in the form of powder and water is added only when operating on site. It is ideal for hanging on walls and floors, especially in wet places such as bathrooms and kitchens in private and public buildings, as well as underwater places such as swimming pools. Tayba Tayl Suitable for ceramic, porcelain and mosaic casting on all concrete surfaces (concrete, conch, cement bricks, gypsum blocks, old ceramics).
Technical Specifications
Color: Available in white and gray
Application thickness: 2 - 10 mm
Package: 20 kg, 25 kg
Runtime: Approximately 30 minutes at 25 ° C
Drying Time: Initial Drying (2 hours) Final Drying (24 hours)
Consumption rate: 3-5 kg ​​/ m 2
Mixing rate: 5.5 ± 25% water / 25 kg

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