Kabhi Stone

Kabhi Stone: Painting Jeraniuliet for luxury entrances and facades and decoration works.

Stone Kabhi external and internal paints acrylic basis in addition to the grains of sand and a selective Kurtz given one color or overlapping colors is characterized by strong endurance and flexibility in the implementation of the given great decorative forms. Ideally in the formation of decorative designs it is flexible so it addresses some of the micro-cracks without the need for another article.
Implementation steps:

The implementation on all surfaces Alosmonah must in all cases that the surface be clean and free from dust and grease.
The surface to be covered with a layer of paint diluted Bund ratio of 1: 5 (good material Bond 940).
Shall turn Kabhi Stone well before use.
The individual article on the wall with the pressure until Gallstone regularly appear in one direction and avoid seams.


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