Tiba floor 404

Group E: settlement and decorate floors with concrete base materials
Are materials for the settlement of floors and prepared according to the nature uses what is tempered as in industrial flooring is usually available in gray, including the decorative as in parks floors, swimming pools, public and private courtyards and is available at more than color has manufactured these materials from the finest materials and the best improved chemical additions to the properties to get a product high quality
Tiba Fluor 404
Tiba Fluor 404 dry mixture of high-quality treatment of concrete floors to increase the friction coefficient and the cohesion of the surface mixture of selected ore plant component carefully from Portland cement with sand pure quartz grains / basalt and other materials filler in addition to some chemicals to increase the tensile strength and hardness of the concrete flooring.
Fluor 404 private good combination in the form of powder dispersed in a manner fogging on concrete surfaces after casting directly before and dry and settled a machine Alhelyukopetr to give the surface resistant to friction and moisture solid.
Garages and places of public and private cars and gas stations waiting. Picture 20
Factories, workshops, warehouses floors.
Public walkways.
Operating method :
To get good results Tiba Fluor 404 must satisfy the following conditions concrete floors required by the application, namely:
It should be Tiba Fluor 404 is applied to modern concrete before the drought.
Preferably concrete floors are to be divided by the application on the tiles with an area of ​​9-16 m 2 and a thickness of 10-25 cm 2.
The scattering material Tiba Fluor 404 on the concrete settled after a good arm weeping by a length equal to the surface to ensure the uniqueness and then settled a machine helicopter.
If you want to work a thick layer of Tiba Fluor 404 must be two or more stages, but only to note Tendeh Alboudr of water in the concrete surface before embarking on a machine that settlement helicopter.
After completing the distribution and settlement Tiba Fluor 404 on the surface of the concrete and ensure cohesion so that the bearing surface of the stand it is covered with a layer of cloth
To isolate the surface dust and sprinkle with clean water every day for three days, preferably early in the morning (in the absence of the sun) heat.

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